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We deliver snacks, lunches and dinners - everything from finger food to a complete Indian feast.

Cooking at Rasoi is based on traditional Indian recipes which have been handed down in our family.
We only use high quality ingredients, grind our own spices and prepare your food freshly.

According to your preferences, we can prepare fully vegetarian, vegan and/or organic menus.

Please ask for our recommendations.

These are the dishes we are specialized in. However, we can prepare almost every Indian dish – just ask.


Fish, chicken and vegetable Pakoras (fritters)

Samosa (Indian pastry filled with potatoes and peas)

Chicken Tikka

Bombay prawns (tandoori grilled)

Fresh mint sauce




Mixed vegetable curry

Chicken curry

Palak Paneer (home made Indian cottage cheese in spinach)

Chana Masala (chick peas in thick gravy)

Dal (yellow lentils)

Bhindi Masala (lady fingers)

Chicken Korma (coconut sauce)

Bombay Aloo (potatoe curry)

Chicken Tikka Masala (grilled chicken cooked in a cashew nut sauce and spices)

Kashmiri Pilav Rice




Home made Gulab Jamun

Halwa (made from carrots)

Mango lassi

Indian fruit salad (mildly spiced)


 Lunchbox (delivery and pick up included)

Standard vegetarian/vegan meal -  12,50  EUR
Special dishes, such as chicken - 14,50 EUR (by request)


Dinner and Weekend delivery
Standard vegetarian/vegan meal - 13,50 EUR
Special dishes - such as chicken - 15,00 EUR (by request)

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